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                                Heide Dangelo is known as a serial entrepreneur, CEO, professional speaker, businesswoman, founder/Publisher of   

                             Influential People Magazine, International Fitness Fashion Magazines, Influential Doctors Magazine, and Human 

                             Communication Institute.

                                  Heide is an authentic person has unselfishly helped many to build their brands and achieve success in diverse industries which has made her a highly influential and sought-after mentor and talented inspirational/motivational speaker of today. 

      She has shared the stage with America’s top new thought leaders, millionaires and business experts including Ken Foster, Greg S. Reid, Brad Axelrad, Micheal Gerber, Shelli Hunt, Jack Canfield, Bill Bartmann, Arvee Robinson, Lauren Solomon, Raleigh Pinskey, Therese Skelly, Blair Singer, Lynn Rose, Stephanie Frank, Marcia Reynolds, Joe Nunziata, Kimberly Zink, Marci Shimoff and hundreds more.

She has founded several companies, programs and groups: Christian Cleaning Detail Services, Sharing Our Fields of Dreams publishing, Primordial Success Mastery Programs, No C.R.A.P program, At Home Trainer Association, Law of Attraction Group for the deaf, Influential People Magazine and Fitness Fashion Magazine.

     She has a beautiful soul who has always helped others from the kindness of her heart. Even though she is legally deaf, but
never mentioned it since she can speak and hear very well. Her strength, belief in herself looks at her challenges in the face of
adversity; she will persevere & it did not stop her from starting a fledging cleaning business into a million-dollar business, she
then went on to help others to build million-dollar companies in diverse industries. She has the unique ability as a “business
intuitive” to naturally gauge how and where to take business for fast growth.
     Heide has authored multiple books including a best-seller Statements of Power and few others. Her newest upcoming book
“How to Get Rid of Negative People: I Noticed None of Them Are Friends with Me Anymore”, “A Complete Book All About
Fartology”, and “God Owns My Business”.In 2006, Heide was honored as a co-author of a children mystery book entitled The Wall (2006) with other Phoenix writers of the Phoenix Writers Club celebrating its 50th anniversary. The book itself won 3rd place in the Phoenix Children Literacy Writer's Contest. She became the first deaf author in the club. She is also the author of London number one best selling book "Firefighter from Within" and several upcoming books The Deaf Millionaire Mind, A Pearl Diamond from Within, Winning in the Face of Adversity, Invisible Heroine, plus a contributing author in several other books.

     She is also the host of Influential People Tv Show (coming soon), to bring together and feature the most incredible, inspirational, and influential people around the world who have a large impact on people's lives to TV in 2020!
www.influentialpeoplemagazine.com   www.influentialdoctorsmagazine.com www.influentialpeopletv.com  www.fitnessfashionmagazine.com  www.humancommunicationinstitute.com www.elitehealthwealth.com  www.businessmarketingmagllc.com  www.influentialpeoplemediagroup.com 


     If you've met or seen Heide on stage or at a fitness club, you know she's full of energy, love, and enthusiasm. Her personality transcends with an abundance of love...for every human being on this earth...

     Ken D. Foster Ken Foster is a Best-selling Author, International Speaker  Business Strategist, Best Business Consultant in the USA and Success Coach who empowers audiences to bring forth their greatness into the world.

     Ken is one of the country’s leading figures in the science of business, leadership and human excellence. Whether it is about taking a new company from zero to $100 million in sales, hosting  500+ teleseminars with the top speakers in America, building an email list of 200,000, growing an international company to 15,000 members, interviewing a hundred millionaires or becoming a #1 best-selling author, Ken Foster shares his experience, wisdom and high-velocity success formulas with audiences around the world.

     He has shared the stage with America’s top new thought leaders and business experts including Steven MR Covey, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Loral Langemeier, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, T Harv Ecker, Chris Howard, Marci Shimoff and hundreds more.

     He has empowered the top entrepreneurs in companies across the country including Coldwell Banker, Bank of America, Cisco, Anthony Robbins Co., Goodwill Industries, Nordstrom, Remax, Century 21, Amazon Herb Company, Smith Barney, The House of Blues, and has been on Radio and TV across the country.

     As a leading expert on Vision, Purpose, Focus, Balance, Communication and Wealth-building, Kenneth is a sought-after speaker and frequent guest on Radio, Tele-Seminar, Webinars. He is the best-selling author of “Ask and You Will Succeed”, and “The Greatest Year Ever”, plus a contributing author in several other books.